Awesome Dancer
Awesome Dancer

Enthusiastic & creative teachers

providing equal participation

building confidence

“Thanks for another wonderful year of dancing.  Whatever you do, you do it right…my kids never want to miss a lesson and just love it year after year.”  Pauline, happy parent.

Join us in 2021

We can't wait for you to join us in 2021, secure your here spot now.

Awesome Dancer offers the best 'dance school experience' without all the fuss and have been providing opportunities in the Fairfield, Thornbury, Northcote and Alphington area for the last 14 years.

Our mission is to cultivate friendships that will last a lifetime, provide opportunities for building confidence and self esteem and encourage teamwork and creativity.  
Students can expect to be encouraged and respected by their teachers and fellow class mates, improve their overall physical wellbeing and be taught current and age appropriate dance techniques, styles and routines.  

We would like to thanks all our dedicated students and families for joining us online last year for what was a very unique experience.  We were so thrilled to be back together to celebrate the year and we look forward to having some returning and new dancers and families joining us in 2021.


Our families say it better than we do!

What do you love most about Awesome Dancer as a student?

Dancing with and making new friends.

What do you love most about Awesome Dancer as a parent?

The relaxed friendly atmosphere, the fabulous concert and the all inclusive payments.

How would you describe the staff?

Encouraging, enthusiastic and great with children.

How would you describe us to a friend?

A funky little place with a great vibe!! (our favourite answer)

Why did you come in the first place?

Friends recommended you to us.

Why do you keep coming back?

My child absolutely loves it!!

If you still have questions visit our F.A.Q. page or please don't hesitate to contact us.