Awesome Adults – Beginner to Advanced

Do you miss dancing? If you danced growing up we know how it feels to stop and miss having that creative outlet, not to mention the dancing family that goes with it!  Our adult class is the perfect opportunity to rekindle your love of dance while challenging yourself mentally and physically – the social aspect is the perfect bonus. 

Unlike other adult classes, in our 1.5 hour class we build 4 entire routines over the year towards our exciting end of year performance in a number of different styles.  So you not only get to feel like you’re back at dancing but you get all the bells and whistles too (only if you want them of course!).

Skills for a lifetime

Social interaction
Physical confidence and self esteem
Team building skills
Memory retention
Spatial awareness
Poise and balance
Flexibility and strength
Skills and tricks
Coordination and pattern building
Complex techniques, choreography, routines & group work
4 different movement styles
4 complete routines in varied choreographic style

Monthly fee $109