Still need help deciding?  Got a quick question?  Browse our frequently asked questions below. 

A. Find your preferred class on our classes page, select register, fill out our easy to follow online registration form and the spot is yours!

A. Our convenient monthly payment gives you the flexibility of starting when you’re ready and letting us know if you don’t want to continue without committing to a term up front.  From past experience our teachers and new students have found 4 classes is a great way of learning if the class is the right fit.  We will do our absolute best to make you feel at home from the minute you walk in the door however the reality is, there will always be challenges settling into a new activity. 

Week 1 will always have it’s challenges, locating us, getting used to the space, teacher & class structure.  Week 2, we will be a little more familiar and you will not have the same anxiety and apprehension which will make a huge difference.  Week 3, you will have begun to form a bond with your teacher and others in your class and by Week 4 you will feel comfortable in your surroundings ready to take on the dancing world! 

A. If you find a “waitlist” button next to your preferred dance class this means that registration is at capacity.  We welcome you to place your name on the waitlist and if there are any cancellations we will offer them to you immediately.  Unfortunately there is no timeline of when a spot may become available but we invite you to take up another class in the meantime.

A. We think it’s nice to know what you are signing up for, that’s why we offer all inclusive fees.  Fees are charged monthly and the price will always be the same.  Your fees include enrolment, classes, rehearsals, costumes, practice music and a copy of the performance so there are no surprises.  The only thing that’s not included are your concert tickets.

30 min class monthly $60 (no production)

45 min class $79 monthly

1 hour class $94 monthly

1.5 hour class $109 monthly

A. We offer hassle fee automated payments, once we receive your enrolment online we will charge your nominated account what’s left of the month and then on the 1st business day of the month thereafter.  All you need to do is come to class!  If for any reason you do not want to continue, write to us before the end of the month and we will cancel your enrolment.

A. No, that’s another thing we’ve simplified!  We teach a jazz class format including a warmup, stretch and technique and incorporate choreographic styles including Hip-hop, Jazz, Modern ballet and Contemporary.  This way students are exposed to a diverse range of music and movement, challenging their physicality and creativity without having to enroll in multiple classes per week.  If you would like some more technique we also offer classical ballet classes (age 11yrs and above) which can be taken by themselves or alongside another combination style dance class.

A.  The only dance class we require parents to stay and either watch or participate is the Tots (2-3yrs) age group.  All other levels, students can be dropped off.  If you’re starting out we welcome you to watch the first class so you are familiar with your teacher and the class structure. After this we have found it’s much easier to build a rapport with your child if you can leave them in our capable hands.

Later in the year during rehearsals and performance we believe it’s important for you to be able to sit back and enjoy.  We’ll have all the costumes sorted for you, no attendance will be required during rehearsals and you can sit in the audience and appreciate your child’s performance during the concert.

A. No.  All classes and levels at Awesome Dancer require no dance experience, that’s what we’re here for!

A. Some comfy clothes that are easy to move around and stretch in, for example leggings and a t-shirt.  Before you purchase shoes, socks work well on our dance floor.

A. Yes.  We have kept our uniform very simple and affordable. Kiddies, Youngsters, Tweens and Teens will need to supply some black pants, shorts, or leggings and a pair of black jazz shoes.  Uniform tops can be purchased after enrolment and are only $20.  Our ballet uniform is a green leotard and black skirt with ballet shoes.  Tots and Little ones may wear a leotard and skirt or if they prefer leggings and a t-shirt and a pair of ballet shoes.

A. Yes.  Boys are not only welcome but are encouraged to try our classes.  Some classes at Awesome Dancer already have other boys enrolled.  Please contact us to find out more.

A. We believe it’s important that every student receives the adequate attention they require and deserve which is why we have the following student teacher ratios. Tots 10:1, Little ones 12:1 and Kiddies, Youngster, 15:2 Tweens and Teens and Adult dance classes have a 15:1 ratio. 

A. Yes we do have a concert held in early December.  All Awesome Dancers are welcome and encouraged to participate in the end of year performance but there is no pressure to perform.  If for any reason your child does not wish to participate they will still be able to attend regular classes.

A. No.  All your costumes will be supplied for you as part of your all inclusive fees.  Costumes are for hire because what would you do with them afterwards otherwise?  Our goal is to offer a professional standard concert without the high price tag.

A. No.  Awesome Dancer opened its doors to offer a school where students can come and learn how to dance for enjoyment.  We believe our positive teaching styles and class structure will get the most out of the students and we have chosen to offer community based events like discos, movie nights, fete performances and choreography competitions instead.