About Awesome Dancer

“It was evident that all performers of every age were having a ball, and you could feel the special connection and respect your students have for you, a fantastic reflection of your philosophy for Awesome Dancing.” Liza, parent.

Awesome DancerAn Adults and  kids dance school without all the fuss

Awesome Dancer is a dance school without all the fuss!! At Awesome Dancer we set ourselves apart from the others by moving with the times.  Our aim was to create a dance school where everyone is encouraged to get up and have a go; it’s not about being ‘THE’ best it’s about being ‘YOUR’ best!  Awesome Dancer opened its doors to break down the ‘dance school’ stereotype and provide a place where the focus is on the students and their enjoyment of dance.  We believe great dancing comes from enjoyment that’s why at Awesome Dancer we build self-esteem, friendships and encourage teamwork.

Every class at Awesome Dancer follows safe dance procedures including a warm up and technique at the same time offering exposure to the latest music and learning a number of popular dance styles.  Our classes are structured in a way that students will not only get the most out of themselves physically but be challenged creatively by combining different movements styles in the one class.

Students are given the opportunity to be a part of an exciting end or year performance in a theatre under lights where the focus is on participation and enjoyment as opposed to perfection.  Concert and rehearsal hours are kept to a minimum but we still offer each student the opportunity to perform not just 1 dance at the end of year but up to 4 complete routines.

Awesome Dancer opened in 2007 and is committed to running a school with a difference, one that still includes the “dance school experience” without all the fuss.  We are committed to hiring only teachers that have a passion for sharing their love of dance.  We believe in creating opportunities to build self-esteem through personal achievement and teamwork, encouraging creativity and harnessing individuality.


Choosing the right dance school for your child is an important decision.  If you are still not convinced Awesome Dancer is the place to be please read through our frequently asked questions to help you decided if Awesome Dancer is the school for you. If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.